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Dr. Shahnoz Rustamova

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Genetic and Personal Health Assessment and Personalized Recommendations With Holistic Doctor:

 In-depth examination of your genetic makeup for personalized insights, identification of genetic factors influencing health and potential risk areas followed by tailored recommendations based on genetic findings.

Detailed and easy-to-understand summary of your health assessments:

Actionable recommendations for optimizing your well-being. Tailored plans for optimizing your well-being including your dietary habits by using modern and ayurvedic approach. Signature supplements are an additional cost

Comprehensive Intake Lab Panel:

Extensive laboratory testing to assess key health markers and level of toxicity. Analysis of blood chemistry, hormonal levels, and other vital indicators including nutritional deficiencies. Continuous monitoring through follow-up laboratory testing up to three labs throughout a year and adjustments to your health plan based on evolving lab results. Coverage for these services is typically provided by your insurance.

Telehealth Physician Support:

6 telehealth appointments (up to 60 minutes if needed) to monitor your health progress, address concerns and making adjustments to your health plan based on evolving lab results with proactive management of potential health risks. Direct access to our doctor for unlimited personal emergency text.

Weekly group “Ask Dr. Rustamova Anything” meetings

Participate in our engaging weekly AMA sessions every Tuesday. This is your opportunity to ask Dr. Rustamova any questions you have about your health and progress.

Biometric Tracking Device:

Cutting-edge wearable devices for real-time biometric continuous monitoring to track your blood glucose, sleep, stress, recovery, strain, vital signs, empowering you with insights into your daily health metrics. (*Please be aware that insurance coverage for this device may not be available.)